Choreographed and performed: Ros Warby
Film, set, lighting design: Margie Medlin
Composed and performed: Helen Mountfort

DANCE REVIEW; Wandering In the Woods With a Vivid Imagination
By JENNIFER DUNNING Published: January 10, 2005, Monday

Ms. Warby’s subtle use of film, created by Margie Medlin, is one of the great pleasures of ”Swift.” Another is the way she uses the live and filmed presence of Helen Mountfort, who composed and performed the atmospheric cello score, as both an understated prompt for action and a compass point. Ms. Mountfort functions as a distant fixed point of beckoning light in this mysterious place, filled with momentary small clearings, paths and corridors created by Ms. Medlin’s inspired set and lighting.

Dance Umbrella Tour of the UK 2006

Dance Theater Workshop, NYC 2005

Zürcher Theater Spektakel, ZURICH 2004

Melbourne International Festival, 2004

Time Based Arts Festival Portland Oregon, USA 2003