Concept Direction and Choreography: Hellen Sky
Interactivity Design and VR Environments: John McCormick and Margie Medlin
Sound Design and Original Composition: David Chesworth
Architectural Design: Tom Kovac
Image and Light Design: Margie Medlin
VR Worlds Builder and Animator: Marshall White
Soundscape, Electroacoustic Design and Live Operation: Nigel Frayne
Computer Interface Programmer: Vivek Aiyer
Spatial Design: Simon Barley
Performers: Margaret Cameron, Ros Warby, Rebecca Hilton, Michael Whaites

During the day, The light room is an interactive installation allowing visitors to navigate and experience its sounds, lights and 3-D virtual reality worlds. Visitors to the Museum are invited to play in the virtual environments of The Light Room. Computers are set up as part of the installation allowing visitors to interactively determine which virtual and sonic worlds are played thus choosing their own navigational paths through the work. The images are projected onto an extraordinary futuristic architectural set build from three-meter high sheets of glass and constructed with the support of major industry partners.
At night, during performance hours, dancers, singers and actors create The
Light Room world of fascination and wonder. The unique liquid architecture of luminescent surfaces become animated by projected virtual and sonic worlds creating a floating, ephemeral house of the future.

An illuminating scenography of the senses, taking us through time to make nostalgic returns and elevating us into the future to unravel unspoken desires. The poetics of technology and the ingenious vision of the artistic team have created an unforgettable transcended journey through social history, personal narration and shared inhabitation.

‘In one of the most beautiful effects, objects fall through a grid of black and white blueprints: a lemon, a brass plate, three French coins. This is the way the imagination works. We are inside one of the Giordano Bruno’s memory palaces… The work concludes with a stunning image of a woman, walking away into darkness, her body criss-crossed by digital light bands as though she swims through a luminous sea.’
The Age

The Light Room premiered in the Australian Gallery of the Melbourne Museum, Melbourne International Festival of the Arts, October 2002.