Workshops are tailored to the need of workshop hosts, such as arts and youth organizations or educational institutions. They are focused around the group in order to cater to level varied levels of experience and interests, for example young professionals, teenagers and tertiary students.

WHAT CAN STUDENTS GAIN?  When so much can be quickly located via the internet students can easily find solutions, but these are not original.

Learning directly from an internationally accredited professional brings the subject and creative possibilities to life. I offer students and hosts important industry insights and standards, contemporary knowledge and theories.


LIGHTING DESIGN STUDIO, light objects, light surfaces and light details.

Explores lighting design for both performance and interior design. The workshop focuses on each student individually developing a methodological process for testing ideas. Beginning with researching their ideas then shifting into concept development, prototyping and then the final work or proposal. Students can find their own approach and work towards a desired outcome. The workshop can result in a group exhibition or catalogue.


Lighting, dance and choreography are perfect collaborators. Some much of the pallet of dance and choreography can be amplified by selective decisions in lighting. Vis –verse you can’t see light if it is not intersecting with an object.

The moving body is hence a very exciting dance partner. The lighting designer is always working attending to space, direction, intensity, color, contrast and speed. Each of these elements is also a very important primary element of any choreography.

This workshop practically introduces dancers and choreographers to a broad range of lighting equipment. They will have hands-on experience in the theater in order to teach them how to select lighting equipment and a lighting design for a specific choreographic situation. They with learn the theoretical design drawing principles of plan, section, elevation, how to read venue stage plans and how to work out sightlines and masking. Importantly they will learn the ABC’s of lighting design and hence build their confidence and an invaluable professional language for their collaborations with designers, technicians and producers.

WORKSHOP EVALUATION As required by the host E.g. assessment of student in a professional education setting or a public outcome showing for peers, parents or community.

COST STRUCTURE Costs include, fee, travel accommodation and equipment. Depending on location length, number of students and the facilities provided by the host the overall cost and payment structure will are assessed in consolation with the host of the workshop. A letter of agreement or standard contract will be required.


“Thank you Margie for the work that you did with the 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate design students. Almost all of them had no experience and you inspired them to be interested in the field of light design and all the work that was produced in the end of the 4 weeks was quite mind-blowing, they had completely transformed the basement to something else.”  Meena Vari, Dean- School of Media, Arts  & Sciences, Dean- Contemporary Art and Curatorial Practice, Coordinator- Center For Experimental Media Arts SRISHTI INSTITUTE OF ART, DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY Bangalore, India

Thank Mrs.Margie Medlin for your attendance at our School to taught and conducted a Lighting workshop for two years. Our students are very satisfied with the knowledge that you have communicated. Your lecture is useful and it is easy to manipulate in the practice. You are an outstanding professional on Lighting design, Storyboarding and lighting design for dancers and choreographers I know. We hope we will have more chance to cooperate with you in the future. Tran Ly Ly, Vice Principal, Hochiminh City School of Dance, Vietnam”

” Margie Medlin is an excellent mentor/facilitator of workshops for emerging choreographers, light designers and digital artists. I have invited Margie to the FACETS international choreography residency over several years because the knowledge and spirit of generosity she shares with each participant’s enormously contributes to their professional development. Working with the participants she is conceptually strong and always finds something special to feedback to them.  In 2013 as part of Attakkalari educational program she directed Times Frames a project with one hundred school children, throughout the eight week process she mentored ten young choreographers to develop a short performance with the children. The project was both artistically and educationally a huge success. Margie is a pleasure to work with and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a collaborator, mentor and workshop leader.”  Jayachandran Palazhy, Artistic Director, Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Bangalore, India.

“As the Facilitator of Strange Attractor Choreographic Development Platform – The Space in the Middle, Margie offered invaluable provocations for the artists to push their creative process. She engaged the group in critical thinking suited to their artistic practice and supported each individual artist in unfolding and clarifying their artistic trajectory. Margie’s facilitation has informed future programs of Strange Attractor.” Adelina Larsson Strange Attractor Founder and Curator


Storyboarding is a dynamic process to help structure your stories, images and ideas. To give an example, you can trail changing the mood of the story by simply rearranging and arranging the relationships between actors, camera and the location. Storyboarding allows you to practically explore the possibilities be rearranging these key parameters: changing who is looking, how close they are, what is in the frame and importantly what is not in the frame. Through this process you can decide what lens to use, how big the set or location needs to be, how many actors are needed. Storyboards are essential visual devises when working with collaborators such and the camera operator, actors, special effects, design teams. It is even possible to work to use the storyboard to work out the most efficient order to make your film.


2021 Cinematic Experiments. A two-week intensive professional development laboratory exploring a hybrid of experimental film-making, performance and digital spaces. https://www.themilladelaide.com/events/2021/2/11/expand-cinematic-experiments https://www.themilladelaide.com/the-virtual-gallery-cinematic-experiments.

2021 Facilitator, a two-week intensive workshop lighting for contemporary dance. The Victorian College for the Arts.

2021 Teacher, a two-day workshop lighting for contemporary dance. The Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Sydney Australia.

2019 Lecturer, Winter semester, Lighting Design, Master Program Solo/Dance/Authorship University of the Arts in Berlin, Germany.

2018 Lecturer, Winter semester, Lighting Design, Master Program Solo/Dance/Authorship University of the Arts in Berlin, Germany.

2015 Interim faculty, Lighting Studio, Nov 22 – Dec 20. Light is what draws our attention. It not only describes but also inscribes meaning on space and time. It possesses the extraordinary qualities of both nature and theatre. The studio playfully created Light Objects, Light Surfaces and Light Details. It explored reflection, ambience, intensity, relative color, perception and shadow play by making physical and digital light objects. Exhibition spectrum, Location: N4 basement and first floor,  Thursday 17, Dec.


2016  Lighting Design Workshop. Dec 5 -9, Dancehouse in Melbourne, Australia. http://dancehouse.com.au/development/training/trainingdetails.php?id=159

2016 Artist in residence at CoCA, the Collective of Contemporary Artists is a Sri Lankan multi-disciplinary arts collective. February 15 – 24 Colombo Sri Lanka 

The residency included:

February 19, Storyboard workshop with Children. http://www.cocaartists.com/

February 22, free dance film screening at Theertha Artist Collective Sri Lanka.Time 5.30 pm, February 23, one on one meetings with artists:39/4A, D.S. Senanayake Mawatha,
Colombo 8, Sri Lanka. http://www.theertha.org/

2015 Teaching, Lighting Design Workshop 29 to Oct 4 September. For students in the choreographers and the Dance Training Faculties at the, Ho Chi Minh City Ballet School. Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

2015 Mentor, FACETS residency programme for young choreographers Bangalore, India.

2015 Facilitator, Platform 15 South Asian Emerging Choreographers Showcase
Bangalore, India.

2015 Facilitator, Strange Attractor Choreographic Development Platform – Canberra, Australia 

2014 Mentor, National Swiss Dance Residency programme, Luzern Switzerland.

2013 Mentor, FACETS residency programme for young choreographers Bangalore, India.

2009 Facilitator, Intensive workshop TIME PLACE SPACE 6, for artists working across disciplines and cultures. Facilitators: Constantine Koukias (Tasmania), Arahmaini (Indonesia), Tang Fu Kuen (Singapore), Shigeaki Iwai (Japan), Margie Medlin (Sydney).

TIME_PLACE_SPACE provided an opportunity for participating artists to explore, debate, analyse and create. The workshop encompassed: collaborative, conceptual development of participant-initiated projects; skills-based development in relation to screen, sound and dramaturgy; and lectures, conversations and debates. It aimed to challenge, invigorate and strengthen hybrid arts practice in Australia, with a strong emphasis on performance.

2004 Facilitator, Workshop Intensive Residential, International Choreography Laboratory Facets 2004: Bangalore, India.

2003 Facilitator, Intensive workshop TIME PLACE SPACE 2, for artists working across disciplines and cultures. Facilitators: Michelle Teran (Toronto-based performance, installation and online artist) and Margie Medlin (Melbourne-based filmmaker, media artist and projection designer), Jude Walton (Melbourne), Richard Lyzell (London), Marijke Hoogenboom (Amsterdam).

2002 Facilitator, Intensive workshop TIME PLACE SPACE 1, for artists working across disciplines and cultures. Facilitators: curious.com (Leslie Hill and Helen Paris) (London), Derek Kreckler, Margie Medlin, Andrew Morrish, Robert Pacitti (London).

2001 Facilitator, The Reel Dance Workshop. Produced by the One Extra Dance in collaboration with the Theatre, Film and Dance Department of the University of NSW presented Sydney, Australia. Advanced workshop, Margie Medlin for the second week of the and Michelle Mahrer, Sherridan Green and Samuel James will be the tutors for the Video Skills Workshop


2013 Teacher, Lighting Design Workshop one week intensive for choreographic and pedagogy students. Ho Chi Minh City Ballet School

2011 Lecturer, Dance and Technology unit, The Australian College of Physical Education, Sydney, Australia.

2010 Guest Examiner, Solo Dance Authorship Masters Programme, HTZ Berlin, Germany.

2001 Teacher, Workshop Reel Dance, One Extra Dance in collaboration with the Theatre, Film and Dance Department of the University of NSW, Sydney, Australia.

2001 Lecturer, Workshop Film and Video, graphic design students, Ulm, Germany.

2000 Teacher, Workshop Lighting and Film making for Dance, Armidale, NSW, Australia. Organized by Ausdance.

1998 Lecturer, Workshop Lighting & Stage mechanics, PANGGUNG NEGARA, National Theatre of Malaysia. Hosted by PANGGUNG NEGARA, Kali Works and The Australian High Commission Malaysia.

1995 Lecturer, Lighting Design unit, Performance Studies, Victorian University of Technology.

1991 Teacher, Conducted a four-week workshop in lighting and projection techniques for ten women in Detox Theatre.